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Za & Klo

Torres Dark

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Cocoa, Toasted marshmallow, macadamia nut

Single origin

Origin : Guatemala
Region : San Miguel, Mataquescuintla, Jalapa
Producer : Juan Jose Torres
Farm: Miravalles
Process : Washed
Variety : Pache San Ramón 
Altitude : 1590m

Roast date/ torréfaction: 02/05


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We sell whole beans only.

We recommend grinding right before brewing so that you best capture the profile of the beans. Need grinding recommendations? Send us a note!

Notes From The Roaster

You already know our super delicate, honeyed coffee with notes of orange and brownies from Guatemala produced by Juan Jose Torres. You probably also know that this is a project that is particularly close to our hearts.

Here's a darker roast of this superb coffee, perfect for your favorite milk-based drinks. Without distorting the coffee, roasting brings out slightly more intense notes such as cocoa, toasted marshmallow and macadamia nuts.