Here’s the scoop!

Simply put, we are Montréal locals that love real good coffee. It was our love for coffee and our city that led us to discover many of the amazing local roasters!

Coffee can dictate how your day unfolds, so having access to solid beans at home is important. Being curious by nature and avid coffee drinkers, we are psyched with the amount of  awesome local roasters that are keen on sustainability, ethically sourcing their beans, and producing the tasty coffee we want to drink.

As life can get busy, venturing around the city for a bag of beans isn't always easy. We wanted to create a more feasible and stress-free way to discover new coffee and keep things exciting. 

Our goal is to keep things simple and interesting by delivering delicious, locally roasted coffee, right to your home. With our curated subscription boxes, we hope to pique curiosity and open a channel for coffee lovers to discover awesome roasters that are locally brewing!

Our Mission

We believe in the power of community and supporting local businesses and initiatives that align with our values. Our mission is to increase the exposure of local roasters that are working diligently to craft delicious and responsible coffee, and to support local initiatives to give back to our community.

Our Values

Inclusivity - Community - Connection - Humility

Kindness - Curiosity

We are an Indigenous owned business and we believe we have a social responsibility to be on the right side of history. For each box sold, a donation will be made to the The Native Women’s Shelter of Montréal