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Ambros Coffee

La Isabella from Costa Rica

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Guava, Caramel, Chocolate, Fruity

Single origin

Region : Dulce Nombre, Tres Rios, Costa Rica
Farm : La Isabella
Varietals : Millenio
Process : Natural
Altitude : 1600 masl

Specs :
Roast date / torréfaction : 23/05


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Notes From The Roaster

La Isabella is located Tres Rios, in one of the oldest and most renowned coffee regions in Costa Rica. Located in the central valley of the country, the region is characterized by its high-mountain climate, distinct seasons, and volcanic-enriched soil, which creates the perfect environment for growing exceptional coffee. The estate is owned by the Castro family, which has been in the coffee business for 135 years, since Teodosio Castro Angarita, an enterprising young Colombian living in Costa Rica, bought his first coffee estate in Tres Rios on May 23rd, 1888. The business is currently headed by Claudio Castro, a third generation member of the original Castro family, with son-in-law Francisco Gonzalez recently entering the business, signalling the beginning of a fourth generation of the family business.

At La Isabella, the Castro family ensures each coffee bean harvested is of the highest quality, emphasizing sustainability. The estate is dedicated to environmentally friendly and natural farming practices, aligning with the global movement towards sustainable coffee production. Despite Tres Rios being the smallest coffee-growing region in Costa Rica, its beans are in high demand worldwide, highlighting its significant role in the coffee industry.

La Isabella's natural processed coffee was harvested at 1600 meters, and is highlighted by its bright acidity, full body, sweet and complex flavour, and pronounced fruity notes, with hints of guava, caramel, and chocolate; nutty aromas and an lingering and pleasant aftertaste.