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Ethiopia Duromina

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Lime, Floral, Blood Orange

Single Origin

COUNTRY : Ethiopia
CITY : Agaro, Jimma Zone
PRODUCER : Coopérative Duromina
VARTIETAL : Local Ethiopian variaties
PROCESS : Washed, dried on raised beds
ALTITUDE : 1900 - 2100 MASL

Certified organic

Specs :
Roast date/ torréfaction : 03/06


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We sell whole beans only.

We recommend grinding right before brewing so that you best capture the profile of the beans. Need grinding recommendations? Send us a note!

Notes From The Roaster

A unique flavor profile with tasting notes of Key Lime, Floral, Blood Orange.


Filter : 20g coffee / 260g water / 3min 30s

The Duromina Cooperative, situated in the fertile highlands of Ethiopia's southwestern Jimma Zone, is a testament to the transformative power of collective effort and quality-focused agriculture. Established in 2010, the cooperative swiftly grew from its initial 113 members to several hundred, a manifestation of its significant impact on the local community.

The cooperative, assisted by the non-governmental organization TechnoServe, has significantly improved its coffee farming practices. TechnoServe's support in training and resources has enabled these farmers to produce high-quality, specialty-grade coffee, making Duromina a well-respected name in the global coffee scene. The bright acidity, medium to full body, and complex fruity and floral notes of Duromina coffee are the result of meticulous cultivation and processing methods, particularly the washed process employed by the cooperative.

The Duromina Cooperative is part of the larger Kata Muduga Cooperative Union, facilitating the marketing and selling of their coffee to international buyers. This connection broadens the reach of Duromina's exceptional coffee, allowing coffee enthusiasts worldwide to appreciate its distinctive taste.

Most importantly, the cooperative lives up to its name, Duromina - "to improve their lives" in the local Afan Oromo language. The collective's efforts have brought about significant economic improvement for its members and their families, demonstrating the power of quality agriculture in transforming lives and communities.