Dums Coffee

At Dums Coffee, we aspire to democratize the perception that good coffee should be luxurious and expensive. We distinguish ourselves with a colorful and fun brand image. Each of our coffees is symbolized by a cat evolving in a unique environment based on the flavors and emotions it arouses. Our goal is to make specialty coffee accessible to everyone.

Led by a woman, we place great importance on each stage of creation, from purchase to the last drop that falls on your table. From fruity and juicy notes to a rounder and more gourmet coffee, our coffee satisfies all palates.

Ethics being at the heart of our priorities, we ensure to maintain an authentic link with our suppliers. Each of our decisions is meticulously taken with the aim of promoting the region, respecting the environment and guaranteeing quality. Every step is done by hand, with love, with the aim of making you happy.
  • Dums Coffee is roasted in Montréal and carefully selected with the aim of discovering all the richness that coffee can offer in terms of flavors.