Canal Roasters

Canal aims to inspire people to savour the moment and explore the fascinating world of coffee in the same way that we discover interesting people and make new friends.

Our passion for coffee, its exotic origins and the people who cultivate it is contagious. Our customers all have their own tastes and habits, but they’re expressing an increasing interest in exploring this world. Through Canal, everyone can find a particular coffee they love, whether it’s a classic brew or something more extravagant. And they can explore new flavours, building on the ones they already know. Canal aims to both comfort and surprise people, while leading them on a journey to a broader knowledge of coffee.

It’ll be quite an adventure, and we’re happy to be accompanying you on it, sharing many enjoyable discoveries along the way.


  • Canal roasters Logo in blue tones

    CANAL blends together an ideal balance of exploration and comfort in each of their coffees.