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Mr. Blue Sky - Blend

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cherry, cranberry, orange, cinnamon


This blend is made up of three origins from Tanzania, Colombia, and Brazil.

Omni roast with Bright & Fruity notes!

Roast date/ torréfaction: 04/23


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We sell whole beans only.

We recommend grinding right before brewing so that you best capture the profile of the beans. Need grinding recommendations? Send us a note!

Notes From The Roaster

Float on the clouds with "Mr. Blue Sky," a coffee blend that's as bright and fruity as a sunny day. This brew is like a burst of pure joy in every sip, with a groovy hint of spice to keep things interesting. Imagine flavors of ripe cherry and tart cranberry swirling with zesty orange and warm cinnamon. It's like a psychedelic journey through flavor town! Crafted from three single origins straight from the heart of coffee country – Tanzania, Colombia, and Brazil – this blend is a cosmic collision of taste sensations. Let "Mr. Blue Sky" take you on a trip to flavor nirvana, where every cup is a celebration of the grooviest vibes. Peace, love, and caffeine, baby!