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Moplaco Natural, Ethiopia

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Vanilla ice cream, Blackberry, Floral

Single origin

Origin : Kaffa, Ethiopia
Variety : Heirloom
Process : Natural
Taste profile : Vanilla ice cream, Blackberry, Floral

Roast date/ torréfaction: 29/04


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We sell whole beans only.

We recommend grinding right before brewing so that you best capture the profile of the beans. Need grinding recommendations? Send us a note!

Notes From The Roaster

Originating in the Kaffa region of Ethiopia, our coffee offers a brilliant, floral experience. Grown at altitudes of 1800 to 2000 meters, it benefits from the know-how of the world's oldest coffee-producing country. This natural coffee undergoes a meticulous process: the cherries are carefully floated and sorted, then spread out on raised African beds for drying. The fruit is regularly turned over to ensure even drying over a period of 24 to 30 days. The result: a perfectly balanced drink that exceeds all expectations.