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Clover Blend

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Almond, Milk Chocolate, Raisin



REGION : Calca, Cusco
PRODUCER : Various smallholder producers
VARTIETALS : Bourbon, Typica, Caturra
PROCESS : Washed, dried on raised beds
ALTITUDE : 1600 - 2000 m.a.s.l.

COUNTRY : Costa Rica
REGION : San José
PRODUCER : Palmichal Micro Mill
VARIETALS : Caturra, Catuai
PROCESS : Red Honey


Specs :
Roast date/ torréfaction : 03/06


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We sell whole beans only.

We recommend grinding right before brewing so that you best capture the profile of the beans. Need grinding recommendations? Send us a note!

Notes From The Roaster

A sweet coffee that exhibits complex tasting notes of Almond and milk chocolate with a raisin finish.

Peru Calca

Calca comes to us from the heart of Cusco, the ancient capital of Peru during the Tahuantinsuyo, or Inca Empire.
In Cusco, every corner is full of history.
A renowned region for both its history and coffee, it maintains vestiges of what was once the most important power in all of South America.

Deep in Cusco we find the city of Calca. Pre-Inca, the town that occupied this area was called Kallka, and the farmers there are an indigenous group called Lliplleq.
In Calca we find some of the best coffee quality in all of Peru, where the coffee is rooted within the heritage of this unique subregion and its people.