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Brésil - Mogiana

Prix habituel $18.50 CAD
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Prune, abricot, citron, chocolat au lait, cassonade, cannelle

Origine unique

Origine : Mogiana, Minas Gerais, Brésil

Producteur : Coopérative Régionale des Producteurs de Café de Guaxupé (Cooxupé)

Variétés : Bourbon + Mondo Novo Hybride

Procédé : Naturel

Élévation : 800 - 1200 MASL


Spécifications :

300 grammes
Roast date/ torréfaction: 04/26


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Notes du torréfacteur

Far out, let's dive into the wild world of Mogiana, man! Nestled in the Brazilian highlands since like, forever (well, late 1700s, to be precise), this spot's been all about the coffee game. Picture this – rolling hills, crazy diverse terrain, and these chill small farms as far as the eye can see. These farmers, they're all about that attention to detail, ya know? And that's why Mogiana's like, synonymous with the cream of the coffee crop – rich, creamy vibes without tipping into heavy or syrupy territory, with just the right amount of zing. Flash forward to 1937, and bam! The regional co-op's born, now boasting this mega squad of 14,000 coffee warriors, each with their own slice of land averaging around 60 acres. It's like, a whole coffee commune, man! And get this – every grower's not just about growing, they're all about that drying life too, kicking off the process right on their turf. Once those beans hit 15% moisture, it's off to the Cooxupé dry mill for some finishing touches. This mill's like, the guardian of quality control and traceability, making sure every sip's as righteous as the last. With this vibe, every grower's scoring based on the quality of their beans, man. It's like, a whole symphony of flavors, hitting that Fine Cup (FC) grade and Strictly Soft (SS) level – the cream of the crop, straight from Brazil's heartland. Peace, love, and Brazilian beans, baby!